Academics: National Honor Society

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The object of the National Honor Society (NHS) shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership and encourage the development of character in students at Hopatcong High School.

The Guidance Department will calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA) of all juniors who have attained a 3.75 minimum cumulative average at the end of the third marking period (GPA is not rounded up). Eligible students will be notified and must complete a student activity information form. This form provides the opportunity for students to list their service and leadership credentials and involvement in school-related activities. The advisor of each activity must sign the information form indicating the applicant’s involvement. Students should complete the form with the understanding that they will be evaluated on depth and breadth of service, and that leadership may include, but is not limited to, serving as captain of a sports team or holding office in an organization. Activities that are required of students as part of a class or job are weighted less heavily than those of a voluntary nature. The student activity form also requires a one- page, typed essay by the candidate describing how he or she has demonstrated, expressed and/or exhibited scholarship, leadership, service and character, and why he or she desires to take on the responsibility of this honor.

Candidates must also obtain and submit letters of recommendation from their advisors or leaders of in-school and out-of-school activities attesting to their service, leadership and character.

Candidates are to submit the student activity information form, letters of recommendation and typed essay together to the advisor by the prescribed date. All the materials should be presented in their complete form in advance of the announced deadline for submission. There will be no exceptions for late submissions.

The information described above, along with the student’s academic record, will be reviewed by the Faculty Council, which is comprised of five faculty members. The NHS Advisor is a non-voting member of this group. Candidates receiving a majority vote will be inducted into the chapter. As per the national constitution of the NHS, there is no minimum or maximum as to the number of selected candidates for each school year.

Through election into the NHS, the faculty honors the accomplishments of the inductees and recognizes the promise of the continued pursuit of excellence. Consequently, students chosen for membership are expected to maintain the high standards by which they were selected. Once inducted, each member must uphold certain responsibilities to the NHS, their school and the community. NHS members must:

  • Maintain the academic standard of a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75.

  • Continue to exhibit exemplary character, leadership, scholarship and service.

  • Represent in their behavior the high standards of the National Honor Society.

  • Participate in NHS group activities, which include, but are not limited to, volunteering for the Thanksgiving food drive, Toys for Tots drive, charity food drive, blood drive and district-wide tutoring program; ushering at school-related functions; and helping to sell spirit t-shirts and candy grams to raise funds for the NHS Scholarship.

  • Perform daily morning announcements at the high school.

  • Help develop, plan and implement an annual induction ceremony for new NHS members.

  • Sponsor an award to a graduating senior who most exemplifies the four cornerstones of the NHS.

  • Execute and properly document service projects for the good of the high school and/or the community totaling 25 hours between September and May of each school year.

  • Attend monthly meetings to plan and implement the various activities and initiatives of the NHS.

Membership in the NHS is an honor and a privilege—but also carries with it great responsibility. It is suggested that students interested in membership begin in the ninth grade to build a strong academic foundation supported by a desire to lead, a commitment to helping others, and an ability to render wise decisions. Please be advised that at any time throughout the year, should a potential candidate be unsure about whether a specific activity or affiliation be recognized, inquire with the NHS advisor well in advance of the information form deadline.