District Assessment Program


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What types of tests are being used?

The district has standardized our test instrument. We will be using the 2nd edition of Terra Nova Multiple Assessments. This particular test is an achievement test used by over 400 school districts in New Jersey. The norms are inclusive and extensive, giving us valuable comparative information which can be used for:

  • pupil assessment and tracking
  • program pace and effectiveness
  • curricular alignment

By using the same test instrument at all grades, we will be able to gather meaningful data over time to accurately assess how our students are doing.


What about the Other Components?

In addition to the Terra Nova, we are also giving the InView, which measures cognitive ability. Data from this test will help us determine whether students are achieving their very best. Additionally, at certain grade levels we are administering a custom piece which mimics the ESPA, GEPA or HSPA. This component contains extended reading and writing sections along with open ended math problems.


Why is there so much testing?

We are sensitive to the demands of the testing schedule. We have designed it to align with the state testing program. We are hopeful that there will be meaningful reform in the state program in the future which will enable us to scale back our efforts, if indicated. Currently, there are math, language arts, science and social studies pieces at all three benchmark levels. In order for our students to achieve as well as they possibly can, we need to have data to track student progress and to align our curriculum.


When will we have the results?

Test results depend on many factors, including the speed at which the test publisher can process the tests and deliver them securly to the schools.  Building level meetings will be planned to discuss the results.


Will we have Staff Development opportunities to understand what the reports mean?

Yes.  Professional Staff will have opportunities to analyze the data and have training from representatives from CTB-McGraw-Hill, the publishers of the tests.


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