The Hopatcong Board of Education has two openings for board member positions. Vacancy number one as a term that expires on December 31, 2022. Vacancy number two has a term that expires on December 31, 2024. Individuals interested in applying for either of these positions should submit a letter of interest and résumé to Mr. Jeff Hallenbeck, board secretary, by the close of business on Thursday, May 19, 2022. The board will contact interested candidates to schedule interviews for Monday, May 23rd.

Middle School Staff

Administration & Services

Mr. Lewis Benfatti
(973) 398-8804
Mrs. Deborah Gates
Secretary to the Principal
(973) 770-8866
Mrs. Tara Santa
(973) 770-8868
Mrs. Anna Voloshin
(973) 770-8874
Mrs. Melissa Kennedy
School Counselor Grades 4 and 5 / Coordinator of Student Support
(973) 770-8872
Mrs. Danielle Manisa
School Counselor Grades 6 and 7
(973) 770-8871
Ms. Jaclyn DiBrienza-Cikovic
(973) 770-8842
Miss Susan Walko
(973) 770-8893
Ms. Elissa Rizzo
Media Specialist
(973) 770-8875
Mrs. Vicky Taesler
(973) 770-8877
Mr. Michael Luciani
Resource Officer
(973) 770-8894

Grade 4 Faculty

Mrs. Kimberly Boucher
Voicemail: 2530
Mr. Mark Certo
Voicemail: 3535
Mrs. Allyson McConnell
Voicemail: 3550
Mrs. Yvonne Mortello
Voicemail: 1558
Mrs. Mary Noonan
Voicemail: 3567

Grade 5 Faculty

Ms. Lindsay Amelio
Voicemail: 3555
Mrs. Joanne Canizaro
Voicemail: 4534
Mrs. Carmela Catizone
Voicemail: 3556
Mrs. Melissa Dean
Voicemail: 5550
Mrs. Jaime Fialcowitz
Voicemail: 2539

Grades 6 & 7 Language Arts

Mrs. Dawn Forbes
Mrs. Barbara Parichuk
Voicemail: 4571
Ms. Irene Paxos
Voicemail: 4536
Mrs. Concetta Spano

Grades 6 & 7 Mathematics

Mr. Joseph Bitetto
Voicemail: 4533
Mrs. Kathryn Gallagher
Voicemail: 4549
Mr. Neil Pallotta
Voicemail: 4569
Mrs. Kelly Tarvin
Voicemail: 4550

Grades 6 & 7 Science

Mrs. Leeanne Juliano
Voicemail: 4555
Mr. Eric Shramko
Voicemail: 5592

Grades 6 & 7 Social Studies

Ms. Christine DeRosa
Mr. Joseph Longo
Voicemail: 4560

Special Education

Mr. Thomas Baeli
Voicemail: 4532
Mrs. Alana Benninger
Voicemail: 4581
Mrs. Ruth DeSalvia
Voicemail: 3554
Mr. Donald Dippel
Voicemail: 4542
Miss Nancy Drury
Voicemail: 4543
Mrs. Kristine Mendyk
Voicemail: 3350
Mrs. Linda Minervini
Voicemail: 3559
Ms. Sonia Scovil
Voicemail: 5534
Mrs. Margaret Szczubelek
Voicemail: 5610

Academic Skills

Mrs. Hilary Wolf
Voicemail: 3553


Mrs. Kristine Kester
Voicemail: 1561
Ms. Emily Taylor


Mrs. Christina Munoz
Voicemail: 2552


Mrs. Alexa McLean


Mr. Jacob Kulik
Voicemail: 3534
Mrs. Cindy Treiber
Voicemail: 1548


Mr. Albert Cerulo
Voicemail: 1549
Mr. Luis Mendez
Voicemail: 2553
Mrs. Kristen O'Shea

Physical Education

Mr. John Canzone
Voicemail: 5543
Mrs. Hilary Martin
Voicemail: 5562

World Language

Ms. Yanet Guevara
Voicemail: 4547

Pathways to Success / Family Consumer Science

Ms. Sharon Haggerty

Education Support Personnel

Mrs. Jeanine Ausmus
Mrs. Barbara Bombardieri
Mrs. Dolores Brown
Mrs. Patricia Duckles
Mrs. Christine Egbert
Miss Jennifer Gates
Mrs. Florence Hillyard
Mrs. Nicole Kowal
Mrs. Jamie Lios
Mrs. Patricia Terminello
Ms. Melissa Vater

Custodial Staff

Mr. Larry Scartozzi
Mr. Thomas Ward