The Hopatcong Board of Education has two openings for board member positions. Vacancy number one as a term that expires on December 31, 2022. Vacancy number two has a term that expires on December 31, 2024. Individuals interested in applying for either of these positions should submit a letter of interest and résumé to Mr. Jeff Hallenbeck, board secretary, by the close of business on Thursday, May 19, 2022. The board will contact interested candidates to schedule interviews for Monday, May 23rd.

Durban Avenue Staff

Administration & Services

Mrs. Katherine McFadden
(973) 398-8805
Mrs. Ana Marrazzo
Secretary to the Principal
(973) 398-8805
Mrs. Robin Vaughan
Office Paraprofessional
(973) 398-8805
Ms. Kat Getto
(973) 770-8882
Ms. Lisa Schuffenhauer
School Counselor
(973) 770-8966
Mrs. Stacey Montefusco
School Psychologist
(973) 770-8832
Mrs. Jennifer Valenti
Learning Consultant
(973) 770-8831
Mr. George Kately
School Resource Officer
(973) 770-8886

Kindergarten Faculty

Mrs. Jennifer Bisignani
Voicemail: 1533
Mrs. Maria Delorenzo
Voicemail: 1542
Mrs. Blair Harris
Voicemail: 1562
Mrs. Kimberly Loftis
Mrs. Mary Nee
Voicemail: 1541
Mrs. Marissa Richards
Voicemail: 1556

Grade 1 Faculty

Mrs. Dana DeMetro
Voicemail: 1530
Mrs. Susan Mastroviti
Voicemail: 1551
Mrs. Diana Pinto
Voicemail: 1546
Mrs. Kelly Rodick
Voicemail: 3558
Mrs. Melanie Ryder
Voicemail: 1539
Mrs. Doreen Sciabica
Voicemail: 1535
Mrs. Ana Soares Nieves

Special Education Staff

Mrs. Suzanne Annette
Voicemail: 1537
Ms. Danielle Ferrara
Voicemail: 2540
Mrs. Jennifer Gigantino
Voicemail: 1532
Mrs. Ashley Miller
Voicemail: 1543
Mrs. Dayna Monro
Voicemail: 1536
Ms. Christina Nied
Voicemail: 1538
Mrs. Tanya Pagano
Voicemail: 3547
Mrs. Melanie Piereth
Voicemail: 1560
Mrs. Erica Strzepek
Voicemail: 3546

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Jamie Gambuzza
Voicemail: 1544

Media Specialist

Ms. Elizza Rizzo
(973) 770-8856

Academic Skills

Mrs. Dee Stauffer


Miss Gabrielle Cardosa
Voicemail: 1565
Ms. Christi Murphy
Voicemail: 3536


Mrs. Martina Villani
Voicemail: 1540

Physical Education

Mr. Eric Fajerman
Voicemail: 4545


Mrs. Shawna Longo
Voicemail: 4548


Mrs. Gail Sanderson
Voicemail: 3561


Mrs. Laura Bennetti
Voicemail: 2562

Custodial Staff

Mr. Bruce Dunn
Mr. William Kramer
Mr. Marty Petrizzo
Mr. Mark Ulrich

Education Support Personnel

Mrs. Cara Acquavella
Mrs. Paula Engber
Mrs. Dawn Engle
Mrs. Dell Ferrante
Ms. Patricia George
Ms. Margaret Gillick
Mrs. Theresa Giordano
Mrs. Gretchen Hardman
Ms. Jessica Hayden
Mrs. Sarah Holey
Mrs. Shirley Hoyos
Mrs. Michelle Kelly
Mrs. Cathie Lees
Mrs. Cecira Mannion
Ms. Joanne Pagan
Ms. Nadia Perez
Ms. Amie Robertson
Mrs. Connie Smith
Mrs. Robin Vaughan
Mrs. Christine Wiemer
Mrs. Rosey Yaport
Mrs. Kimberly Zeier