Durban Avenue Staff

Administration & Services

Mr. Michael Luciani
Resource Officer
Voicemail: 3160
Mrs. Tracey Hensz
(973) 398-8805
Mrs. Annette Grieco
Secretary to the Principal
(973) 770-8889
Ms. Lana Robertson
Clerical ESP
(973) 398-8805
Mrs. Pamella Cavallo
(973) 770-8882
Mrs. Melissa Kennedy
School Counselor
(973) 770-8966
Mrs. Susan Walko
(973) 770-8831

Grade 4 Faculty

Mrs. Kimberly Boucher
Voicemail: 2530
Mr. Mark Certo
Voicemail: 3535
Mr. Brian DeBoer
Voicemail: 3531
Mrs. Allyson McConnell
Voicemail: 3550
Mrs. Kristine Mendyk
Voicemail: 3350
Mrs. Linda Minervini
Voicemail: 3559
Mrs. Carolyn Moschella
Voicemail: 2536
Mrs. Mary Noonan
Voicemail: 3567
Ms. Loren Turner
Voicemail: 4585

Grade 5 Faculty

Miss Lindsay Amelio
Voicemail: 3555
Mrs. Audra Bauer
Voicemail: 2541
Mrs. Carmela Catizone
Voicemail: 3556
Mrs. Melissa Dean
Voicemail: 5550
Mrs. Ruth DeSalvia
Voicemail: 3554
Mrs. Jaime Fialcowitz
Voicemail: 2539
Mrs. Dawn Forbes
Voicemail: 4563
Mrs. Christine LoPresti
Voicemail: 3538
Mrs. Concetta Spano
Voicemail: 4580

Academic Skills

Mrs. Hilary Wolf
Voicemail: 3553


Mrs. Kristine Kester
Voicemail: 1561
Ms. Christi Murphy
Voicemail: 3536


Mrs. Martina Villani
Voicemail: 1540


Mr. Lucian Costanzo
Voicemail: 4538
Mr. Luis Mendez
Voicemail: 2553

Physical Education

Mr. Eric Fajerman
Voicemail: 4545


Mr. Jacob Kulik
Voicemail: 3534

Maker's Space

Mrs. Christina Munoz
Voicemail: 2552


Mrs. Mary Narcise
Voicemail: 5580


Mrs. Laura Bennetti
Voicemail: 2562

Academic Coach

Mrs. Yvonne Mortello
(973) 770-8886

Education Support Personnel

Mrs. Mary Aufiero
Mrs. Rosary Cramer
Mrs. Patricia Duckles
Mrs. Christine Egbert
Mrs. Melissa Ferrer
Miss Nicole Grieco
Mrs. Florence Hillyard
Mrs. Jamie Lios
Mr. Kirk Mueller
Mrs. Carolyn Segura
Mrs. Patricia Terminello

Custodial Staff

Mr. Bruce Dunn
Mr. Ed Landshoff

Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Mrs. Jaime Walker


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Hopatcong, NJ 07843

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