Tulsa Trail Staff

Administration & Services

Mr. Brian Byrne
(973) 398-8806
Mrs. Maureen O'Hare
Secretary to the Principal
(973) 398-8806
Mrs. Karen Lovelock
Office Para
(973) 770-8973
Mrs. Jacqueline Henderson
(973) 770-8897
Mrs. Dawn Hersh
School Social Worker
(973) 398-5974
Mrs. Christina Takacs
School Counselor

Grade 2 Faculty

Mrs. Mellany Barroqueiro
Voicemail: 2537
Mrs. Katie Duthaler
Voicemail: 1545
Mrs. Alison Ibaceta
Voicemail: 2538
Mrs. Andrea Mancuso
Voicemail: 2548
Miss Emily Minervini
Voicemail: 2532
Mrs. Kelly Pappas
Voicemail: 1547

Grade 3 Faculty

Mrs. Donna Cerrato
Voicemail: 2551
Miss Jamie Douglas
Voicemail: 2547
Mrs. Heather Keegan
Voicemail: 2546
Mrs. Kellie Kontozoglus
Voicemail: 3534
Mr. Norman Sutton
Voicemail: 3539
Mrs. Michelle Tumminelli
Voicemail: 2535

Academic Skills

Mrs. Kathy Brennan
Voicemail: 2534
Mrs. Stacey Christiano
Voicemail: 2531
Mrs. Pat Pietrzak
Voicemail: 2557


Mrs. Mary Narcise
Voicemail: 5580


Mrs. Martina Villani
Voicemail: 1540

Special Education Staff

Mrs. Linda Aviles
Voicemail: 4531
Dr. Danielle Kovach
Voicemail: 2544
Mrs. Jennifer Neu
Voicemail: 2543


Mr. Luis Mendez
Voicemail: 2553


Physical Education

Mr. Brian Collins
Voicemail: 4537


Mr. Jacob Kulik
Voicemail: 4568
Ms. Gail Sanderson
Voicemail: 3561


Mrs. Laura Bennetti
Voicemail: 2562

Custodial Staff

Ms. Patty Houterman
Mrs. Stephania Polo

Education Support Personnel

Mrs. Margaret Cooper
Mrs. Ro Cramer
Mrs. Joan Cutchis
Mrs. Cheryl Hemmerich
Mrs. Dolores Kennedy
Mrs. Tabithia Kestenholz
Mrs. Nicole Kowal
Mrs. Judith Maitland
Mrs. Jennifer Quartucci
Mrs. Karen Walsh

Academic Coach

Mrs. Yvonne Mortello
Voicemail: 1558

Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Mrs. Jaime Walker



Hopatcong Borough Schools 
P.O. Box 1029
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

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