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Season of Hope - Project Toys for Teens!

Project Self Sufficiency and partners are teaming up to offer the 2015 Season of Hope Toy Shop! Please click here for more information!

Technology Center Open

The Hopatcong Borough Schools Technology Center is a free computer lab open to the public after school.  It is open Monday through Thursday between 2:15 and 6:30pm.  Students are welcome to work on homework, collaborate on group projects, use the internet, check email and print assignments.

Little Chiefs Preschool Orientation

The Little Chiefs Preschool is still accepting applications!  Click here for more information on the program!

Technology Connections

Technology Connections helps illuminate the latest technology and resources available to parents & students. In October, 2015, we discuss the new way to access digital textbook materials and how to deposit money on your child's lunch account online.  Click here to learn more!

Parent Advisory Committee

                                                                          Parents of all school level students are invited to become a part of the Parent Advisory Committee to further create the vision and goals of the district. Click on the image above for more details.

Superintendent's State of the District Report

On behalf of Superintendent Randina, please click here to view an important letter regarding the State of the District Report.

Fall 2015 District Newsletter

To View the Fall 2015 District Newsletter click here!

Upcoming School Calendar

  • HBS 11/26 - 11/27 : Thanksgiving Holiday Recess
  • DA 12/11 : Progress Reports
  • HBS 12/14 : Board Meeting, 7p, Admin Bldg
  • HBS 12/14 : Early Dismissal - In-Service Day
  • HBS 12/23 : Early Dismissal - Teacher In-Service
  • HBS 12/24 - 1/1 : Holiday Recess -Schools Closed
  • HBS 1/4 : Board Reorg Meeting, 7p, Admin Bldg
  • HBS 1/4 : Schools Reopen
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Principal's Message


Dear 4th and 5th Grade Students: 

This newsletter entry has been written just for you, my wonderful 4th and 5th grade students. November is a time to reflect and to be thankful for all that we have. Sometimes, boys and girls, we get so caught up in thinking about the things we do not have that we forget all the wonderful things we currently do have right in front of us.

I want each and every one of you to stop right now and think about all the wonderful things to be thankful for in your lives. I will share some of mine. My list is much longer but here are just a couple.

I am thankful for: 

  1. My family….My husband, Bryan, my sons Jake and Jared.
  2. My Health…..I feel good each and every day.
  3. The opportunity to be your Principal……I love being with you each day.
  4. The staff at Durban Avenue……Do you realize how awesome your teachers are?            
  5. All my friends who provide me with belly laughs each day.
  6. The beautiful color changing of the leaves which makes fall so special. They are a pleasure to look at each day.

Again, these are only a few….Boys and Girls, please be thankful for all that you have. Give your moms, dads, grandparents, your brothers and sisters a great big hug!

Happy fall, All!

Life is Good….Live it well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Mrs. Hensz


Please visit the "NCLB Letter" by clicking here to view the Parent Right To Know letter for No Child Left Behind .


When May My Child Return to School After Ilness?





Elementary Guidance Handbook click here




Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Anti-Bullying Specialist

Mrs. Jaime Walker

Mrs. Melissa Kennedy





Hopatcong Borough Schools 
P.O. Box 1029
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

 HIB Initial Reporting Form

HIB Policy 

2014 HIB Grade Report



Please visit the "NCLB Letter" by clicking here to view the Parent Right To Know letter for No Child Left Behind from the building principal.



Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Mrs. Jaime Walker



Hopatcong Borough Schools 
P.O. Box 1029
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

 HIB Initial Reporting Form

HIB Policy 

2014 HIB Grade Report

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