Middle School Staff

Administration & Services

Mr. Emil Binotto
(973) 398-8804
Mrs. Deborah Gates
Secretary to the Principal
(973) 770-8866
Mr. Mark Certo
Vice Principal
(973) 770-8869
Mrs. Linda Tappen
Secretary to the Vice Principal
(973) 770-8904
Mrs. Barbara Beere
(973) 770-8874
Mrs. Danielle Manisa
School Counselor
(973) 770-8871
Ms. Jacqueline Tillson
School Counselor
(973) 770-8872
Mrs. Karen Carroll
Learning Consultant
(973) 770-8883
Ms. Jaclyn DiBrienza-Cikovic
(973) 770-8842
Mrs. Nancy Marinaro
Study Center

Language Arts

Mrs. Pamela Brennan
Voicemail: 5540
Mrs. Joanne Canizaro
Voicemail: 4534
Mrs. Irene Fajerman
Mrs. Susan Hill
Voicemail: 4554
Ms. Candace Kouris
Voicemail: 4546
Mrs. Barbara Parichuk
Voicemail: 4571


Mr. Richard Anderson
Voicemail: 5552
Mr. Joseph Bitetto
Voicemail: 4533
Ms. Maureen Gallone
Voicemail: 4544
Mrs. Cathy Giugliano
Voicemail: 4550
Mr. James McKowen
Voicemail: 5554
Mr. Neil Pallotta
Voicemail: 4569


Ms. Mary Burns
Voicemail: 5542
Mrs. Leeanne Juliano
Voicemail: 4555
Mr. Eric Shramko
Voicemail: 5592

Social Studies

Mr. Joseph Longo
Voicemail: 4560
Mrs. Concetta Spano
Voicemail: 4580
Mr. Craig Vallaro
Voicemail: 5545

Special Education

Mr. Thomas Baeli
Voicemail: 4532
Ms. Alana Benninger
Voicemail: 4581
Mr. Donald Dippel
Voicemail: 4542
Miss Nancy Drury
Voicemail: 4543
Ms. McKenzie Norris
Voicemail: 5611
Ms. Eileen O'Neill
Mrs. Barbara Sanders
Ms. Sonia Scovil
Voicemail: 5534
Mrs. Margaret Szczubelek
Voicemail: 5610

Physical Education

Mr. Brian Collins
Voicemail: 4537
Mr. Toby Richards
Voicemail: 4576

Unified Arts

Mr. Edric Debos
Voicemail: 5531
Mrs. Shawna Longo
Voicemail: 4548
Mr. Kurt Zimmermann
Voicemail: 8849


Ms. Martina Villani
Voicemail: 1540

World Language

Ms. Yanet Guevara
Voicemail: 4547
Ms. Alexa McLean
Voicemail: 5576

Education Support Personnel

Mrs. Barbara Bombardieri
Mrs. Josephine Cuttone
Mrs. Melissa Forrester
Miss Jennifer Gates
Ms. Carmela Harrison
Mrs. Marissa Kressman
Ms. Lien Lai
Mrs. Rosemarie McMullen
Ms. Carolyn Segura
Ms. Gail Smith
Mrs. Vicky Taesler
Mrs. Judy Tobin
Mrs. Jill Vanderhoff-Gleason

Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Mrs. Jaime Walker



Hopatcong Borough Schools 
P.O. Box 1029
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

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