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VOLUME 14, NUMBER 7                                                                 March 2, 2018

Parents/Guardians of Tulsa Trail Students,

There is a universal agreement that the increasing academic expectations for students require that students be in school.  Elementary absenteeism is a strong predictor of absenteeism in middle and high school, which in turn is a predictor of a student with the potential to become a high school dropout and ensuing problems later in their lives.  Research shows that truancy also correlates with dangerous personal choices as kids get older.  Schools and communities throughout the state and nation are increasingly focusing on improving school attendance beginning in the lower grades. 

Protective factors that reduce the risk of absenteeism must include the child, family, school and community.  Young children who are behaviorally, socially and cognitively ready for school and who have caring adults in their lives are less likely to miss school.  Family factors include support for education, parent involvement in the classroom, the ability to help with homework, and a strong school / family partnership.

As we progress through this current school year, we ask that you give your child/ren the added attention to their attendance.  The results of the studies are clear.  Setting high expectations for school attendance is a primary factor in the success of your child's future.

Brian J. Byrne, Principal


EARLY PICK-UP FROM SCHOOL:   We have asked from the start of the school year for parents to please send in a note to school if and when you need to pick up your child early from school.  This helps the teacher prepare your student to be packed up and ready to go when you arrive to sign them out.  We do however, understand that sometimes and emergency may arise and therefore, a note is not possible.  In this case, we ask that you please call us and alert us of an early pick-up time, so that we may notify your child's teacher.  Thank you for cooperation and understanding with regard to this matter.


For those parents who drive their children into school in the morning, please drive up to where staff members are located to let your son or daughter out of your vehicle.  The students will then enter the school through the cafeteria doors.  This is being done due to the number of concerns we received about students walking through the main parking lot after being let out of parents' cars.  Thank you and please cooperate with this new safety rule. 


If you are moving or transferring your child out of the Hopatcong School District, it is very important for you to fill out the necessary paper work in order for the office to transfer your child out of school officially.  Please call or stop in the main office to obtain the proper paper work needed for this process.  Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter.

Please review the schedule below for the TULSA TRAIL START TIMES and DISMISSAL TIMES as well. On a delayed opening, we cannot start letting students into the building until 9:20am. They will have no supervision prior to this time. Please do not let your children out in the parking lot to enter the school until, you see a staff member outside to greet them at 9:20am. On a regular school day, start time is 8:05am, and students cannot begin to enter the building until 7:50am. Once again, please do not let them out of your car and walk through the parking lot prior to this time. Look for a staff member to assist them out of your vehicle at 7:50am. **This is a procedure that needs to be followed by everyone to ensure the safety of our children. Thank you.**


                                                               2:30 PM DISMISSAL TIME




BLACKBOARD CONNECT: Please note, the phone numbers supplied by you are put into the Power School Data Base which provides the contact numbers for emergency dismissals and other important announcements. Please make sure you keep the school up to date with the proper contact numbers. Should you think school may be dismissed early or there is a delayed opening and you have not received a phone call, please listen to one of the following radio/tv stations or consult the District’s website:

FM STATIONS                                                               TV STATIONS

             WSUS – 102.3                                                         News 12

             WNNJ – 103.7                                                          NBC 4 NY

             WHCY- 106.3                                                           ABC 7 NY

WRNN TV (Cablevision 19, DirecTV 62/984, DISH 48/8116, and FIOS 6)

OUTSIDE RECESS:  If the temperature is at 35 degrees or above, the students will be going outside for recess.  Please have them come to school with a heavy coat, gloves and a hat.  We do not recommend that scarves be worn AT RECESS,  as they could present a safety issue when students are climbing on the equipment.  Please review this information with your child.  Also, please remember to label all their possessions, as our LOST & FOUND bin is becoming filled.  Thank you !                                                                                                                     

DISMISSAL: The school day ends at 2:30pm. Students riding district transportation are dismissed directly to their buses at this time. All students who are being picked up or who walk home will be dismissed via the center doors by the flagpole at 2:30pm. Students may not be signed out early from the office without a note from the parent or a phone call prior to dismissal. Parents are requested to have children remain in school until 2:30pm, the regularly scheduled dismissal time. The last scheduled class period does not end until 2:25pm. During the last 5 minutes of the day, teachers are reviewing the day’s events and the evening’s homework assignments. Unless it is an emergency, please do not pick up children earlier than 2:30pm. Your cooperation and understanding are truly appreciated.

NOTE:   Bussing, drop off, and pick up procedures, can be stressful at the end of the day for staff and students, if your child is unsure of what to do. We ask that you as a parent(s) please review each day with your child, if possible, how they should exit the school. If they belong to the Day Plus program, give them a reminder that they are to attend the program. If they are taking a “Bus” home, or going out as a “Walker”, please remind them. **WRITTEN NOTES OR EMAILS ARE NEEDED WHEN MAKING A CHANGE TO YOUR CHILD’S DISMISSAL PROCEDURE** This is requested for the safety of your child !

ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES: In order to closely monitor student attendance, the Hopatcong Elementary Schools have a phone calling system. The attendance program is very successful and operates in the following manner: Whenever your child is going to be absent, you are required to telephone the attendance office at, 973-398-4254, and prior to 8:00a.m. Please leave a message on the telephone answering machine. Please keep your phone calls short to minimize busy signals for other callers. A simple message indicating your child’s name, grade level, teacher, the date, and a brief explanation why they will be absent will be sufficient. Requests for homework may also be left on the answering machine at this time. If we have not heard from you and your child is not in school, we will call you at home or work after the start of the school day to ascertain the reason for the absence. State Law requires that parents submit a note stating the nature of the child’s absence when he/she returns to school.


 LUNCH-BREAKFAST REMINDER:  Our cafeteria manager has noticed that not many students are coming to her for breakfast in the morning and wanted to remind parents that students who qualify for "FREE" lunch are also entitled to "FREE" breakfast on a daily basis.

NON-CUSTODIAL PARENTS’ REQUEST FOR SCHOOL INFORMATION: Throughout the school year non-custodial parents of children attending the school may request copies of report cards, newsletters and other notices. Non-custodial parents requesting this information must contact the school office at 973-398-8806.

LABEL BELONGINGS: Parents are requested to write the names of students on all personal possessions including lunch boxes, pencil holders, jackets and other items. In the past a concern was expressed that strangers may call the children by their names if it was visible on their clothing or possessions. Please write the names on the inside lids of the lunch boxes in permanent marker. The lost and found is located in the hallway across from the main office. Your cooperation in this matter is truly appreciated.



Once again, this year, in the Hopatcong School District we will be using our Food Service, Maschios. Lunch prices have not been increased and the price of snacks and milk remain the same as well.

** Lunch: $2.75 - Reduced Lunch: .40 - Breakfast: $1.75 - Reduced Breakfast: .30 Snack $1.00 and Milk .60 ** A copy of the menu is on our website each month.

 RECYCLING INFORMATION: The Tulsa Trail School is proud to participate in recycling! Remember to send in your used toner/ink cartridges. The collection boxes are located in the Main Office. Thank you for your  cooperation.

SCHOOL NEWSLETTERS: School newsletters for the Hudson Maxim, Tulsa Trail, Durban Avenue and Hopatcong Middle School are distributed once a month. The next newsletter will be sent home with the children on Friday, March 2, 2018.


   **********DATES TO REMEMBER**********


      11                           Spring Ahead ! Daylight Savings Time Begins

      12                           Early Dismissal Day, 12:05 pm, No Lunch Served, Send Your Child with a Snack

      15                           Spring Picture Day :)

   19-22                         Book Fair @ Tulsa Trail in the Library

      23                           Report Cards Sent Home

      26                           Board of Ed Meeting, 7 pm, Admin Bldg.

26, 27 & 28                  Early Dismissal Days, Parent / Teacher Conferences, 12:05 pm dismissal time, No Lunch Served 

      27                           Parent / Teacher Evening Conferences 6 pm - 8 pm

      29                           Tulsa Trail Certificates Distributed 

      30                           SCHOOLS CLOSED - Good Friday 



   2-6                SCHOOLS CLOSED - SPRING BREAK 

             **Hope all students have a healthy and happy spring break**

      9                School Reopens 

      9                3rd Grade Field Trip to Liberty Science Center 

     13               Newsletter sent home 

     16               PARCC Testing Begins                

     20               Books & Beyond Ends 

     23               Board of Ed Meeting, 7 pm, Admin Bldg




Congratulations to the following list of students for receiving Tulsa Trail Certificates for the month of February.  Keep up the good work boys and girls !!

                  Lindsay Zatuchney                                          David Madalena

                  Olivia Burney                                                   Vincenzo Lepre 

                  Sophia Smith                                                   Aryana Febo-Diaz

                  Jayden Kovacs                                               Jeremiah Jones 

                  Megan McGroarty                                           Sophia Vigliotti

                  Gianna Santa                                                  Monica Smith 

                  Makayla Prebor                                               Briann Fawthrop

                  Ethan Brower                                                  Rocco Shubert 

                  Reghan Kelly                                                   Raedyn Kirchner 

                  Leo Tancevski


Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Mrs. Jaime Walker


Hopatcong Borough Schools 
P.O. Box 1029
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

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