Guidance Department: Withdrawals

If you are moving out of town, only the parents/guardians of the student are permitted to officially withdraw the child from school. To withdraw your child from school, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Call your child's Guidance Counselor at 973-770-8861 to alert him/her that you will be moving and your child will be attending another school.

  2. Schedule an appointment to come in and complete the withdrawal form.

  3. Upon receipt of the signed withdrawal form, we will give you the necessary documents to bring to the new school, such as:

    • Copy of the withdrawal form or transfer card

    • Transcript or report cards

    • Copy of 504, if applicable

    • Standardized testing scores

    • Discipline, attendance, and medical records

    • Birth Certificate

*These documents are required for any registration to a public high school


If your child is in special education, you must request a copy of the IEP with your Case Manager.

Call the new school and schedule an appointment to register.