High Schools Staff

Main Office Administration

Mrs. Stephanie Martinez
(973) 770-8850
Mrs. Nicole Roman-Gerena
(973) 770-8851
Mrs. Linda Tappen
(973) 398-8803
Mrs. Lynn Masterson
Office Paraprofessional
(973) 770-8854
Mrs. Aimee Landrud
School Nurse
(973) 770-8855
Ms. Christine Pascual
Roving School Nurse
Mr. Peter Oesen
Coordinator of Student Activities
(973) 770-8970
Mr. Mark Certo
Coordinator of Student Discipline
(973) 770-8849
Mr. David Schultz
School Resource Officer
(973) 770-8830
Mr. Marlon Winbush
School Resource Officer
(973) 770-8830

Guidance Office

Mrs. Stacy Yanko
(973) 770-8861
Ms. Michelle Iannuzzi
School Counselor
(973) 770-8864
Mrs. Linda Padula
School Counselor
(973) 770-8967
Ms. Melissa Stein
School Counselor
(973) 770-8863
Mr. James Valentine
School Counselor
(973) 770-8865

Child Study Team

Ms. Mary Ellen Fata
Social Worker
(973) 770-8991
Ms. Amanda Michko
Social Worker
(973) 770-8825
Mrs. Susan Pallotta
Social Worker
(973) 770-8858
Mrs. Nancy Stephens
(973) 770-8972


Mr. Jonathan Rischawy
Voicemail: 1210
Mr. George Segale
Voicemail: 1219

Athletic Trainer

Mr. Christopher Bove
Voicemail: 1114


Mr. James McKowen
Voicemail: 1179
Mr. Brian Vuurens
Voicemail: 1233

Family Consumer Science

Ms. Sharon Haggerty
Voicemail: 1159


Mrs. Pamela Brennan
Voicemail: 1116
Ms. Christine Kalemba
Voicemail: 1163
Mr. Jason Mulvihill
Voicemail: 1189
Mrs. Barbara Parichuk
Voicemail: 1206
Ms. Irene Paxos
Voicemail: 1207

World Language

Mrs. Carmen Alzate
Voicemail: 1101
Mrs. Carla Malatesta
Voicemail: 1172


Mrs. Alexa McLean
Voicemail: 1180

Health/Physical Education

Mr. Gary Andolena
Voicemail: 1103
Mr. Austin Brown
Voicemail: 1117
Mr. Paul Miller
Voicemail: 1183
Mrs. Jill Mortenson
Voicemail: 1188


Mrs. Nancy Duffy
Voicemail: 1144
Ms. Megan Nardone
Voicemail: 1192
Mr. Neil Pallotta
Voicemail: 1209
Mrs. Kelcey Russo
Voicemail: 1213
Mr. Robert Wade
Voicemail: 1151

Music & Performing Arts

Mr. Albert Cerulo
Voicemail: 1127
Mrs. Kristen O'Shea
Voicemail: 1202


Mrs. Mary Burns
Voicemail: 1118
Mr. James McDonald
Voicemail: 1178
Mr. Peter Oesen
(973) 770-8970
Mr. Dominic Schiavone
Voicemail: 1216
Mr. Eric Shramko
Voicemail: 1221

Social Studies

Mr. David Campagna
Voicemail: 1120
Mrs. Heather DelBagno
Voicemail: 1136
Mrs. Yvonne Mortello
Voicemail: 1187
Mrs. McKenzie Norris
Voicemail: 1198
Mr. Craig Vallaro
Voicemail: 1229

Special Education

Mrs. Eileen Baum
Voicemail: 1108
Dr. Karen Cubberly
Voicemail: 1130
Mr. Wilson Cusano
Voicemail: 1132
Ms. Traci Duffy
Voicemail: 1145
Mrs. Dina Emerling
Voicemail: 1147
Mr. Michael Farrell
Voicemail: 1150
Ms. Christina Nied
Voicemail: 1195
Mrs. McKenzie Norris
Voicemail: 1198
Mr. Kenneth Olsen
Voicemail: 1201
Ms. Melanie Piereth
Voicemail: 1204
Ms. Emily Taylor
Voicemail: 1226
Ms. Loren Turner
Voicemail: 1228
Mrs. Julie Wilson
Voicemail: 1234


Mrs. Heather Bivone
Voicemail: 1112
Mrs. Donna Ennis
Voicemail: 1230

Job Coach

Mr. Hank Fattorusso

Library Media Specialist

Ms. Elissa DeRose
(973) 770-1211

Education Support Personnel

Mrs. Mary Aufiero
Mrs. Josephine Cuttone
Mrs. Nicole Gricenko
Mrs. Glaucielle Manco
Mrs. Lynn Masterson
Mrs. Rosemarie McMullen
Mrs. Patricia Nelson
Mrs. Marilyn Volpe


Mr. Donald Forst
Mr. Matthew Handy