High School Staff

Main Office Administration

Mr. Emil Binotto
(973) 770-8851
Ms. Brittany Juskus
Secretary to the Principal
(973) 770-8851
Dr. Olga Edgerton
Director of Secondary Education/K-12 STEAM
(973) 398-8803
Mr. Chris Buglovsky
Director of Athletics/Building Administrator
(973) 770-8970
Mrs. Linda Tappen
Secretary to the Director of Athletics
(973) 398-8803
Mrs. Barbara Beere
(973) 770-8855
Mrs. Lynn Masterson
(973) 770-8854

Guidance Office

Mrs. Jaime Walker
Director of Guidance
(973) 770-8863
Mrs. Stacy Yanko
(973) 770-8861
Ms. Lisa Dunmyer
School Counselor
(973) 770-8865
Mrs. Linda Padula
School Counselor
(973) 770-8967
Ms. Chelsea Trump
Student Assistance Counselor
(973) 770-8884

Student Resource Officer

Mr. Officer Richard Sadowski
SRO from Hopatcong Police

Athletic Trainer

Mr. Matthew McKowen
Athletic Trainer
(973) 770-8983

Child Study Team

Mrs. Susan Pallotta
Social Worker
(973) 770-8858
Mrs. Nancy Stephens
Learning Disability Teacher Consultant
(973) 770-8972
Mrs. Leticia Anthes
School Social Worker
(973) 770-8825
Mrs. Mary Ellen Fata
Social Worker/Counselor
(973) 770-8991


Mr. Jon Rischawy
Voicemail: 5606
Mr. George Segale
Voicemail: 5607


Mr. Victor Jimenez
Voicemail: 5556
Mr. Michael Juskus
Voicemail: 5568

Family Consumer Science

Ms. Michele Culcasi
Voicemail: 5537
Ms. Sharon Haggerty
Voicemail: 5530


Mrs. Sandy DeRose
Voicemail: 5553
Ms. Christine Kalemba
Voicemail: 5569
Ms. Lisa Kenny
Voicemail: 5570
Mr. Jason Mulvihill
Voicemail: 5579
Mrs. Martina Villani
Voicemail: 1540

World Language

Mrs. Carmen Alzate
Voicemail: 4530
Mrs. Roberta Boatman
Voicemail: 5538
Ms. Cheryl Gramp
Voicemail: 5563

Health/Physical Education

Mr. Gary Andolena
Voicemail: 5535
Mr. Paul Miller
Voicemail: 3564
Mrs. Jill Mortenson
Voicemail: 2559
Mr. Toby Richards
Voicemail: 5588


Mrs. Nancy Duffy
Voicemail: 5605
Mrs. Linda Ellicott
Voicemail: 5557
Mr. Douglas Merkler
Voicemail: 5577
Ms. Megan Nardone
Voicemail: 5608

Music & Fine Arts

Mr. Kurt Zimmermann
(973) 770-8849


Mrs. Joanne Carr
Voicemail: 5544
Mrs. Stephanie Martinez
Voicemail: 5574
Mr. Jim McDonald
Voicemail: 5575
Mr. Peter Oesen
Voicemail: 5581
Mr. Dominic Schiavone
Voicemail: 5591

Social Studies

Mrs. Heather DelBagno
Voicemail: 5551
Mr. Todd Jensen
Voicemail: 5539
Mr. Jim Marino
Voicemail: 5573

Special Education

Mr. Michael Batche
Voicemail: 5536
Mrs. Karen Cubberly
Voicemail: 5547
Mr. Wilson Cusano
Voicemail: 5548
Ms. Traci Duffy
Voicemail: 5555
Mrs. Dina Emerling
Voicemail: 5558
Mr. Michael Farrell
Voicemail: 5561
Ms. Kathy LaRosa
Voicemail: 5572
Mrs. Carol McGlynn
Voicemail: 2560
Mr. Ken Olsen
Voicemail: 5582
Mr. Dominick Spuckes
Voicemail: 5595
Mrs. Julie Wilson
Voicemail: 4587

Job Coach

Mr. Hank Fattorusso


Ms. Susan Rikkola
(973) 770-8856

Education Support Personnel

Mrs. Ann Byron
Mrs. Barbara Cooper
Mrs. Ana Hancock
Mrs. Tabitha Kestenholz
Mr. Kevin Malkin
Mrs. Lynn Masterson
Mrs. Pat Nelson
Mr. Matt Shaw
Mrs. Laurie Solberg
Mrs. Marilyn Volpe

Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Mrs. Jaime Walker



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