Special Services

P.O. Box 1029
2 Windsor Avenue
Hopatcong, NJ. 07843
(973) 770-8821

Tammy Miller
Director of Special Services

Mrs. Lynne Smith, Secretary
Mrs. Donna Annett, Secretary

The Disability Service Coordinator provides parent with information regarding the services that are available through State agencies for persons with disabilities. The coordinator also assists parents in accessing the appropriate State agency. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Special Services at 973-770-8821. 


Hopatcong High School CST

Leticia Anthes Social Worker 973-770-8825 lanthes@hopatcongschools.org
Nancy Stephens Learning Consultant 973-770-8972 nstephens@hopatcongschools.org
Mary Ellen Fata Social Worker/Crisis Intervention Counselor 973-770-8991 mfata@hopatcongschools.org
Susan Pallotta Social Worker 973-770-8858 spallotta@hopatcongschools.org

Hopatcong Middle School CST

Karen Carroll Learning Consultant 973-770-8883 kcarroll@hopatcongschools.org 
Jaclyn DiBrienza-Cikovic School Psychologist 973-770-8842 jdibrienzacikovic@hopatcongschools.org 
Susan Walko School Psychologist 973-770-8893 swalko@hopatcongschools.org 

Tulsa Trail School CST

Dawn Hersh Social Worker 973-770-8828 dhersh@hopatcongschools.org 

Durban Avenue School CST

Mary Dinnocenzo Learning Consultant 973-770-8831 mdinnocenzo@hopatcongschools.org 
Stacey Montefusco School Psychologist 973-770-8832 smontefusco@hopatcongschools.org 
Dawn Hersh Social Worker 973-770-8828 dhersh@hopatcongschools.org